Sweet fruits of Success – Simon the Fruit Vendor

Simon Njoroge age 31 is a fruit vendor at town Limuru in Kiambu County, Limuru is a beautiful town with farming as its main economic activity, Simon is the first born in a family of six, having not completed his education he helped his parents around their fruit kiosk and later  moved to Nairobi where he was employed as a tout, Simon was employed for three years and he eventually wanted to be self-employed so he saved  some money and went back home to start a trade he knew too well since he grew up doing it. Business was not going as planned because just like many startups he was faced with challenges such as not being able to tell who his customers were, having a bad attitude towards his customers just to mention a few.

In February this year Project Heshima was launched in Limuru and Simon was one of the beneficiaries in its cycle one intake. Having attended all the sessions and putting to practice the lessons learnt Simon has seen changes in his businesses, his attitude shifted drastically and he learnt to treat his customers with respect, record keeping was a very vital lesson learnt and he is now able to keep  tract of his finances. Simon says he has seen his life change in the 10 week session and has a positive approach towards life and is now more hopeful since he can now do business from an informed perspective and also understands that this will be a long term journey for him and his business.