Our Story

Africa Initiative for Rural Development

A Knowledgeable Community is an
Empowered Community

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We are all about building bridges and Not Walls


We Work like a well oiled Machine.


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Our Mission

To empower rural communities and institutions to manage community development through approaches that offer opportunities for innovation, knowledge generation and dissemination of best practice contributing to the overall aim of improving the livelihoods of poor households in Kenya and beyond.

Our Vision

A Developed and Empowered Rural Community.

Who we Are

The Africa Initiative for Rural Development (AiRD) is an integrated development program that embraces a market development approach to support rural livelihoods and improve the quality of life through increased rural income and civil society strengthening.

Our Goal

The program’s overall goal is to improve the quality of life and social well-being of target communities in Kenya and Africa through sustainable socio-economic interventions in food security, income generation, health and education

Our Objectives

  • To strengthen community level organizations/institutions to be effectively involved in and engaged in local/central government and non-public organizations in service delivery, democratization and governance;

  • To improve livelihoods through diversification of income sources and promotion of appropriate agricultural and natural resource management practices;

  • To increase water availability and reliability for productive use, improved health status and livelihoods;

  • To enhance knowledge generation, management and dissemination resulting in wide adoption/replication of AiRD poverty alleviation approaches by other organizations