We have launched our website!

Africa Initiative for Rural Development has launched its website. We are proud to be associated with our partners and a good team working to improve livelihoods and have a better Kenya, Africa and the World.

AiRD employs a market-driven, sustainable social enterprise model for supporting rural projects and enterprises. The model seeks to promote enterprises and markets, targeted/catalytic funding to rural community entrepreneurial initiatives and to promote and share innovations for purposes of replication and scale up of what works best.


Our model heavily depends on partnership building. Thus the method of deploying projects in communities takes place through cooperation and collaboration with like – minded partners in order to achieve scale and speed of execution. Examples of regional implementing partners include; other NGOs, local government agencies, ICT and mobile application companies, sponsors, commercial/private sector, input Stockists, technology providers, business development services consultants and financial institutions.

  • Our Thematic areas:
    • Economic empowerment
    • Agriculture, Climate Change Resilience and Adaptation
    • Health:- Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
    • Civil society strengthening (CSS) and Capacity Development
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