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Cooking Up a Storm at the Food Justice Festival

In May, Africa Initiative for Rural Development (AiRD) was invited by Fahamu, our partner in food sovereignty, agriculture and climate change program to participate in the Food Justice Festival in Muvuti, Machakos and in Gatundu North.

The Food Justice Festival was a way to celebrate the end of the sustainable crop care workshops that was facilitated by Fahamu for organic farmers in those areas for the past 2 months.

Odin Olaya, Sustainable Livelihood Advisor for AiRD delivered workshops on technologies for sustainable agriculture, composting, and treating drinking water using the Procter and Gamble water purifier, samples of which were given out to the participants.

Dinka Basuki, AiRD’s Communications and Social Media Strategies Advisor through her foodie workshop called Food From Farm, got the participants both men and women, young and old to cook a storm using ingredients from the farmers’ shamba such as banana hearts, sweet potato leaves and green paw paws among other ingredients that Kenyan farmers don’t usually use as food.

Some of the recipes that Food Justice Festival participants can now try at home are banana heart bhajias, green pawpaw salad, peanut chaat (peanuts mix with fresh vegetables) and stir fry sweet potato leaves.

The festival in Gatundu North saw us welcoming the Member of Parliament of Gatundu North, Hon. Francis Kigo Njenga who stopped by to give support to the organic farmers’ movement and to appreciate the local produce.

Both Food Justice Festivals in Machakos and Gatundu North were lively celebrated with food, seeds, local produce, and participants feeling grateful towards new insights, knowledge and skills that’s been shared by Africa Initiative for Rural Development (AiRD), Fahamu and other partner organizations. They also made new compatriots in the fight for food justice and sovereignty. What great way to connect with others through scrumptious food!