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Mary’s Testimony – The story of ‘Mama Pima’

Her life revolved around illicit brew!  Having become a widow at a tender age, Mary resorted to making illicit brew to feed her family and take her children to school.  The villagers nicknamed her ‘Mama Pima’.  She crossed paths with the law enforcers and on many occasions found herself locked in police cells to answer charges of making illicit brew.

Mama Mary receiving a word of encouragement from Hon. Arao while receiving her Certificate during the Project Heshima Graduation, Kisumu


On some occasions, she drew the wrath of some parents and fellow women who accused her of spoiling their sons and husbands through her illicit trade. She felt insecure at all corners as she lacked respect and privacy even in her own house.  Her main worry was the future of her children whom she feared would eventually turn to be consumers of the same brew she was making.

In her testimony at the Kisumu graduation event, Mary said the coming of Project Heshima was a turning point in her life.  Narrating her joy through an interpreter at the Kisumu graduation event, Mary had this to say, ‘I saw light through the entrepreneurship trainings I attended. I now run a well-stocked kiosk selling cereals and grocery. On a good day, my sales go to Ksh800 which is far above what I made from illicit brew. I feel a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders. I have regained my self-respect in the village and no longer look behind my back to see who is following me!  Thank you, Project Heshima!’’