Civil Society Strengthening Program (CSSP)

The program focuses on two components in the civil society sector. The first component involves research that will help assess competencies of civil society organizations (CSOs) and support their development. Secondly, AiRD will support government policy to encourage participation between communities and local government by underpinning that policy with mutual education, mutual training and encouraging mutual creative problem solving for communities, encouraging wide and multi-input approaches and advocacy for adapting policies and legislations that facilitate development at the county/sub-national level.

AiRD also targets youth through the Empowering Youth in Governance and Leadership (EYGL) component of CSSP. EYGL provides youth with important ingredients that builds effective leaders through meaningful skill development, identification of common issues, challenges, opportunities and values.  The initiative engages young people in programs, organizations, and communities where they share a voice, influence, and contribute in decision-making authority. The push to and efforts to provide equal roles for youth—such as youth in government, youth serving on boards of directors, youth leadership training, or youth service-learning activities—are what support the broader youth in governance vision.The initiative targets both youth and more so young women in developing the skills and knowledge they need to be effective and confident leaders.